As an employer you have a duty to ensure that your workforce is operating in a safe environment. If an employee has to leave their role as a result of an occupational health hazard, not only will you lose a valued member of your team but you could also be severely penalised. Case study - Debbi Wood loved her role as a carpet shop manager but was forced to leave her job when she was diagnosed with occupational asthma, caused by years of breathing in tiny carpet fibres.

As a business owner, one of the last things you’ll want to happen is to see long-serving and devoted employees having to leave their jobs as a result of occupational health hazards. Not only will you lose a valued member of your workforce, you may also be culpable and face punishment of some sorts for not providing a safe, working environment. Debbi Wood used to work as a carpet shop manager until her GP advised her to leave her job after she was hospitalised with a severe asthma attack!

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