Dealing with dust has become more than an issue of cleanliness or tidiness within your home or workplace. The dangers that involve working in an area abundant with particulate dust go far beyond what we could ever have imagined. Our daily routines and working habits, no matter in which sector, whether industry, agriculture, construction or transport are constantly creating dust and pollutants.
What are the effects on our body?

Besides, all the respiratory, lung and heart issues, researchers are studying the effects of fine particulate matter in the brain. The tiny particles are 40 times smaller than the width of a human hair and therefore reach the brain tissue through the blood stream by entering the lungs or being absorbed in the nose. Once settled in the brain, evidence suggests that exposure can harm the cells, accelerating cognitive ageing, increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Even though the research has still gotten controversies, statistics show that people that have been living and working in areas where the level of fine pollutants are high, are 12% more likely to develop dementia.
What can we do?

Since we cannot stop the wheel from turning, we must create awareness about these alarming issues and make sure we use all means possible to protect ourselves and those around us.

Make sure you wear the appropriate PPE to protect your body and use the available technology to keep the air around you as clean as possible.

We from Dust Arrest will keep you posted and continue to offer the best equipment to make sure your decked-out with an efficient variety of products when the issue is dust management.

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