I bought this airscrubber to remediate my property due to finding mold, I have suffered terrible symptoms for 6 years until we eventually found the mold and stripped and cleaned the area right out and this airscrubber has been invaluable. I'm on my way to a full recovery and wouldn't be without this. Worth every penny!


I installed a dustblocker 900 which reduced my 1hr fallow time to 10 minutes with the required 6 air changes in the room. Over the last month it has paid for itself.


Mobile, and cleans the air well in our Coffee Roastery.

Professional Air Cleaners, Air Scrubbers,
and Dustblockers for the workplace,
construction site and home

Whether it the factories, workshops, office, kitchens, or even your home, airborne dust is all around us
and it can be a real problem for many.

Airborne particles can slow your work down (even bring it to a standstill). It is a potential health hazard and can
cause discomfort - and worse - for many of your co-workers. Then, of course, there is cleaning it all up.
The removal of dust can be a time-consuming and often expensive affair.

However, the HEPA filtered MAXVAC Dustblocker range uses commercial standard air filtration to provided you
with clean air all day, every day.


There are so many benefits to installing a Dustblocker for your workplace.

  • Dust reduction of up to 95%!
  • Remove harmful dust from the air before it's breathed in.
  • There will be less dust on your packaging or finished goods, making theme look more attractive to prospective buyers.
  • It removes not only dust but also aerosol particles, pollen, and bacteria, making the air you breathe cleaner and healthier for anyone with respiratory problems or allergies, and that means that your co-workers could spend less time off work ill.
  • It reduces time spent cleaning and the costs involved, making your company more efficient.
  • It's vital in a workplace where dust particles can impede or damage the work being done, e.g., watch or computer repairs.

Our Dustblockers (sometimes referred to as Dustcubes, Air Scrubbers or Air Cleaners) are built to operate 24 hours a day, working continually to kkep the air you breathe clean and removing the dust in the air when you're not even there (so you can start the day in a cleaner environment).

But it is not only dust particles that the MAXVAC Dustblockers collect. They can also remove pollen, bacteria, aerosol particles and even odours (when fitted with carbon filters). That means you and your colleagues can work in a healthier environment, as well as a cleaner one.

And in these times where we all have to be extra vigilant about hygiene, MAXVAC Dustblockers have been a boon to services such as dentists and other health practices (just take a look at the reviews for our products and see for yourself).

Whether it's a workshop, a building project, or a food preparation area, wherever you work and whatever your needs are, we are sure to have the perfect dust cube for you.

How will a MAXVAC Dustblocker improve my workspace?

This is no doubt the most important question our customers ask. A cleaner environment at work has many advantages. MAXVAC Dustblockers, whether it is the small and mobile Dustblocker 500 Air Scrubber Cleaner or Dustblocker 900e or the larger Dustblocker Pro Range they will give your workplace:

A general reduction in dust particles per room or work space of up to 95%!

A circulating airstream - so no dust can escape the filters

Heat circulation that will significantly reduce your heating costs

and ultimately a cleaner environment with happier co-workers

And it does all this while using minimum power and taking up little space on your premises. So why not get in touch and see how we can improve the quality of your environment with one of our dust cubes.

Can you use a Dustblocker at
YOUR workplace?

Not everyone is sure if a Dustblocker air scrubber is right for their workplace. Well, here is a list of
JUST A FEW of the places that we have supplied our Dustblockers to...

Construction Sites

Woodworking Shops



Building Renovations

Coffee Roasteries

Repair Shops

Machine Rooms






Vet's Practices

Food Prep & Clean up

As you can see, the list goes on and on! If you feel you have a problem with dust, there is highly
likely a Dustblocker that will solve it for you.

So why not take a look at our range or give us call for more advice?

Colin Luesby interiors

I purchased this dustblocker quite some time ago, it works superbly especially when we are working in multiple rooms in a customers home, we install kitchens bedrooms and bathrooms, and we can’t always keep doors closed to all the rooms, will often site in middle of the house, seems to do the job perfectly, protecting the staff first and the customers home in the process.


Carlissa P.

We bought the DB500 in the hopes it would minimize the spread of dust while we had construction work proceeding in our house. We were completely amazed at the result, not only at the absence of dust in the room being renovated but also the lack of dust being spread around the surrounding rooms! We would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to reduce the impact of dust and subsequently reduce the cleanup process. A very worthwhile investment for any size project!

Gary Rigg

Used the product for the first time on Friday while taken down a 50 year old ceiling with a lot of soot and dust. The dust blocker worked fantastically. With no dust escaping the room where work was carried out. My thoughts were very impressive. Fantastic product. And very helpful. Customer service. 5 stars. Many thanks